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Twelve years ago we were only a bunch of high school students. Although we were just ordinary teenagers, one of our biggest passions was singing and being a part of a high school choir was a great way to spend more time together. And then... well, we grew up... But we didn't want this to be the end of our story. Our friendship and love for music lead us to the idea to found our own choir. Being young and enthusiastic, we didn't stop there. We wanted to do something new, something different than what was expected from us. Yes, we enjoyed singing classical music, but we were very curious about finding out how world's popular songs would sound like if they were arranged and performed by us... But we didn't want it to be that easy – we decided not to use any instruments, only our voices and beat box. Of course that wasn't enough - our wish was to sing something that no one would expect to be sung by an a cappella choir. A new idea was born, the idea called Rammstein! A small, unknown choir from Belgrade posted "Du hast" and expected absolutely nothing. And then - BAM! This was indeed a major turning point for us - almost one million people watched our video in a single week! You can watch the video here. This was exactly how the story of Viva Vox began. Ever since then, the people in Serbia wanted to know everything about us. The audience wanted to hear more of our music, foreign media wrote about the sensation from a small European country... So, we decided to work hard and give the people what they want to hear and what we enjoyed doing the most. The year 2011 was one of the most important years for us - it was a year when we put on our first big concert, which took place in the renown "Sava Centar" concert hall in Belgrade. It was sold out weeks before the date of the performance. You can watch the finale of that concert here. One year later, we decided to give not one, but three concerts in a row in the same concert hall. Serbian people often say that working hard always pays out and we have a reason to believe that the saying is true. At the end of 2012 we were invited to put on a full concert in the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York in January 2013. We became the first choir from this part of Europe that had the privilege to perform there. The year of international success ended pompously with a concert in The Great Hall of the People - the Parliament of People's Republic of China in Beijing. All the while, we were performing constantly in Serbia and other European countries. Here's how we represented our country in the UN. And then we set a new goal - our first studio album and a concert in the biggest arena in the Balkans. At the beginning of 2015 we entered the studio and recorded the album and then, a few months later, we performed in front of more than 10.000 people in Belgrade Arena, which was one of our greatest achievements. In the meantime, we were also performing in all of the biggest festivals in the region, including one of the best European music festivals - EXIT. We started creating an image of an a cappella choir with "bold" repertoire - apart from the pop and rock music, we started doing covers of heavy metal and industrial songs, and we also introduced dubstep and electronic sound to our a cappella singing.

Only a year later, in 2016, we got another international invitation - ORF, the Austrian public service broadcaster, invited us to participate in their international choir competition - Die große Chance der Chöre. It was a great new experience –the judges who were giving opinions on our singing and the whole performance, a choreography which had to be perfect and spectacular, the tension, a very serious competition, a live studio audience… And us - the only non-German speaking participants. At the end, we made it to the semi-finals and we took part in the making of a Christmas album produced by Sony, distributed in Germany and Austria. You can watch our semi-final performance here.

At the beginning of 2017, we decided to add another genre to our diverse repertoire - film music and musicals. We were very much inspired by a movie that in short time became a worldwide sensation and gained 6 Oscars - "La La Land". We were so amazed by the soundtrack and the message of this movie, that we wanted to show our audience this beautiful story from our point of view, all packed up in a five-minute video. Our mission was to portray an ordinary man in Serbia who is trying to fulfill his dreams and we did it through singing, acting and dancing. You can watch our video here.

Until now, Viva Vox has given more than 250 concerts all over Europe and the world. Of course, this is not the end of our biography - the best is yet to come and it begins with the two new videos that are planned to be published by the end of 2017.



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